If only you could get a natural and healthy tan without the damaging effects of the sun? That’s a common question posed by thousands of men’s grooming worshippers every month. Well, gentlemen, thanks to Henri Lloyd’s Tinted Moisturiser, it now appears as if you can. Henri Lloyd’s Ocean Mineral Tinted Moisturiser is far more than just a tan in a bottle. If you want an instant or overnight tan, it might be best to stick to a St Tropez kind of product, but if you want to gradually build a healthy holiday look complexion all year round, then it’s definitely worth slipping this growingly popular men’s product into your grooming routine.

Priced at a reasonably modest £21, for the larger size and £15 for the smaller 30ml version, compared to others in its category, this gradual tan moisturiser more than holds its own and promises not to break the bank. It is with its ocean mineral formula that makes this product stand head and shoulders above the rest, as these promise superior skin care and protection behind the scenes, whilst a toned, even and enhanced complexion is achieved at the forefront.

What I really like about Henri Lloyd's Tinted Moisturiser is that is packaged supremely. There’s far too many beauty products out there that look and feel too feminine and it’s no surprise that this puts most guys off even contemplating wearing them. This tinted moisturiser is quite the opposite and Henri Lloyd have managed to tick the masculinity box with this one.

When dispensing the formula onto the hand, its texture looks and feels really good and when it comes to applying it, it gives really good and most importantly natural coverage. The cream itself sinks in very quickly and instantly smooths out the skin and enhances its tone. If you’re a guy like me struggling with uneven skin tone, you can look forward to that being instantly corrected.

Another thing I really loved about this is that it smells very nice too, again, helping it steer clear of the usual array of heavily perfumed female alternatives. Of course, it’s important to judge a product off its primary function and that is to tan. You can be rest assured that there’s no orangey finish or weird shiny gleam when it comes to the tan that this product provides and better still, it can be carefully controlled and tweaked depending on how much is applied and how often. There’s nothing worse than slapping on an instant tan that turns you into a streaky orange mess overnight – not quite the look you’re going for, before a big night out or date with that someone special.

Overall, I’d give this tinted moisturiser a very solid 8 out of 10. I did find that the instant tan did fade quite quickly after I stopped applying it altogether, which was a shame, but apart from that a top product that will lay proudly in your wash bag I’m sure.