With Brighton pride on the horizon, this weekend more than most, you’ll want your skin to be looking on top from. From brow building, natural foundation coverage and tanning, to designer stubble and hiding the signs of a hangover - we have you covered, in more ways than one. Here are five absolute must male grooming moves for every guy wanting great looking skin for their big weekend.

Fake Tanning

Prior preparation prevents poor performance - that’s a fact guys, which is why fake tanning a couple of times this week will get your skin looking healthy, toned and bronzed. Natural fake tanning, at home or at a salon also helps hide blemishes, dark spots, scarring and other obvious skin imperfections. Fake tanning helps create a flawless base too, which ultimately requires less makeup application on the day.

Foundation Application

Banish any remaining facial imperfections with a light to medium coverage foundation. ‘Men’s foundation allows you to create a natural and flawless second skin, whereby blemishes are a thing of the past’ says Jake-Jamie Ward, editor-in-chief of the hugely popular The Beauty Boy vlog. On bad skin days, a good quality foundation will hide pretty much everything, so if you’re going through a particularly bad spell with your skin, then foundation is definitely the way to go.

Hiding the Hangover

If only you could hide the effects of a hangover? Well, now you can! With a dab of under eye concealer, you can quickly disguise the appearance of dark circles and bags, which tend to look more prominent after a heavy day or night’s drinking. Looking worse for wear can be a thing of the past and with this little wing man in tow, you can wake up your eyes in an instant. If you plan on kicking off the fun a little earlier than Saturday, you can counteract the grey and sallow look of a hangover with one of these men’s makeup marvels.

Fill In The Blanks

I think you’ll all agree, designer stubble looks fantastic - especially when it’s pulled off right. However, there’s far too many guys out there who suffer with the dreaded patchy beard. If this sounds all too familiar, beef up your facial hair with a men’s beard filler or mascara. Both products work well to fill in any gaps that you may have in your beard or simply enhance what you already have respectively. Co-founder of MMUK MAN Alex Dalley says ‘Good simple beard grooming can take your overall look a long way. For best results keep your facial hair short and always set your products with a beard wax pomade.’

Brows A-hoy!

Fuller and thicker brows are bang on trend - there’s no two ways about it. However, similar to the problems above, many gents struggle with limp and lifeless eyebrows. On the other side of the coin, bushy and unruly brows often play havoc with the facial appearance of a large number of Britain’s modern men. If you want your eyes to stand out for all the right reasons, deploy either a brow pencil to perfect lifeless brows, or a clear brow gel to control and conform out of control ones. Create a captivating and masculine brow arch that will last you long into the night with your weapon of choice and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.