Hi MMUK, First of all sorry for my bad English. I’m a 37 yo Dutch man, totally new in make-up. Although Im gay and have lots of gay friends none of them have taken their firsts steps in makeup. So thats why I’m asking you for advise.

I would like to use makeup to even my skintone, (cover spots, dark circles, small scars) and to have a more matte skin tone. My skin is very oily, and although I use expensive skincare products based on my skin I keep having this problem. And of course, I would like to try some other stuff, but it must be natural looking. (So clear or dark brown mascara, eye brow gel/filler).

I have seen a lot of good reviews for the MMUK MAN brand so love al the advised products of that brand. I have watched YouTube and read your site so think I need your help. I Must be natural, has to hide my oily skin, and must hide some redness.

Hope you can answer my questions and can make me a list of products I need (or can start with). MMUK MAN products only if possible.

I added a picture to show my skin tone. I really hate my ‘new’ face... but hope to love it a little more after makeup. I know a lot of my friends would like to start as well, so maybe I can help them take their first steps into men’s makeup as well.

Many Thanks, Jordan

Good morning Jordan, I hope you are well and thank you very much for your e-mail.

I'm very confident that a specialist male makeup routine will help enhance your skin tone, improve the appearance of spots/dark circles and even cover those scars, whilst at the same time look shine free and natural. None of our clients want to have an obvious look of makeup use, which is why we have plenty of natural looking formulas.

I've put a nice routine for you below to help you build a natural routine around.

Firstly, I would recommend the use of our skin primer. If you're looking to improve your skin tone and the natural finish of your makeup, it's incredibly important. I'd recommend applying this primer after your regular daily moisturiser and it will instantly smooth and nourish your skin without making it feel oily.

A good foundation is so important and for this I'd recommend our Mineral Matte Foundation in N5 (your skin tone in everything is N5). This is a matte finish men’s foundation that's extremely kind to the skin and will work to give your skin natural looking coverage, as well as begin to hide most of your imperfections. You can apply this with an application sponge to your face lightly, until your skin tone is enhanced enough to move onto a concealer.

Next, with the remaining imperfections (any larger ones) you can dab a touch of our Concealer Stick over them and blend them in using a blending brush. These two products will be your coverage products and instantly make your complexion look healthy. Our concealer stick is a creamy high coverage concealer which can cover most larger and more pronounced skin issues such as scars, large spots and even moles.

For dark circles, dab a little of our Under Eye Concealer to this area and gently blend them in to your under eye contour. This concealer will instantly highlight them and make them feel fresher and healthier. A couple of practices of this technique and you'll be feeling really confident. The best thing about a men's under eye concealer is that they are lightweight and have natural brighteners to instantly improve your skin's appearance.

When it comes to bronzer, there is only one winner and that's our Bronzer compact in the colour 300. This is a matte bronzer that can be dusted over your face (concentrating on areas that would naturally catch the sun) with a bronzing/powder brush. This shade is perfect for most skin tones and also works fantastically to provide one final layer of even tone with subtle and natural bronzing elements.

When it comes to the eyes, our clear mascara is fantastic and incredibly subtle - it grips the lashes and makes them look longer and healthier, without adding unnecessary colour, which is perfect as you are new to men's makeup. It's a similar story for our brow gel, which i'd recommend in clear too. This gel enhances your brows and gives them a bit of conformity too, which makes them look controlled and well-groomed all day long.

To finish, you can dust our anti-shine powder over your face which will reduce the oiliness a lot throughout the day and keep it at bay. This is the perfect finishing touch to your routine, as it really brings everything together nicely and takes away any glow or shine that is often associated with regular makeup application. The anti-shine powder can be dusted across your t-zone mainly, as this is the area that displays more oil throughout your day.

Wishing you the very best in your routine and I'm always here should you need further advice. I've also put the links below to my suggested products. Have a great day.Lucy.