Hello again guys! This week, we'll be looking at how you get the most natural looking men's makeup finish, with the best results, in the shortest time possible. The more men that are converting to the power of cosmetic products, the greater the need for a quick and effective routine that any man can get to grips with. Whilst more and more men are learning to properly look after themselves and their skin, that doesn't mean we have hours to spend in front of the mirror during our busy schedules. Putting the two and two together and the only thing that really balances the equation is a quick and fuss free makeup without makeup routine.

In today's quick-fire tutorial, allow MMUK MAN to run you through five quick steps to get the look you crave, without your cover being blown. All products suggested come from our MMUK MAN range, however, should you wish to diversify with other brands, these of course, will give you similar results. The five products we will be looking at are: MMUK MAN's Under Eye Concealer, Bronzer and Invisible Blotting Powder, as well as an exciting duo of Clear Brow Gel and Lip Balm, to really finish off your look in style.

Okay, so after you have washed and moisturised, you are effectively left with a blank canvas, in which you can quickly build upon. Remember first, to choose a moisturizer appropriate to your skin type. If you like, MMUK MAN's Foundation Primer does a great job, however for this tutorial, it is not essential.

Okay, so we're going to start by applying our Under Eye Concealer to the delicate bits of skin beneath the eyes. This will immediately remove signs of tiredness and stress and will quickly sink into your skin, for an amazingly natural finish. It's important to remember gents, at this stage, you can also use this concealer to cover up any redness you may have, or imperfections across the remainder of your face. Use an appropriate blending brush to dab the product in and it's all systems go, as you take your first step to a more complete complexion.

The next two products can be applied with a men's bronzing brush and flat top men's makeup brush respectively. Take a matte bronzer for men, such as MMUK MAN's in 300 and lightly dust it over your face, in the areas that would naturally catch the sun, for example, over the forehead, cheeks and nose. After letting it settle in for a few moments, MMUK MAN's Anti Shine Powder can be applied lightly across your complexion, to leave a matte finish to your look, all day long.

As men's skin is typically more oily than women's, you'll find that this Blotting Powder really brings in your entire collection of products and conforms them nicely to the shape and skin tone of your face. By dusting product over from its neat compact, enjoy all day long protection against a caked up shiny appearance.

Finally, it's time to experiment or conform your brows to a neat shape with MMUK MAN's Clear Brow Gel. A fantastic product, this formula is quickly applied with its included applicator and really brings your eyes together, as you finally achieve those neat features. Finish off your quick fire men's makeup routine with an application of MMUK MAN's Lip Balm - because let's face it guys, none of us want to sport dry and dehydrated lips.

This concludes our five steps to the most natural looking men's makeup application ever and with MMUK MAN's expert blending power, onlookers will never know that you're wearing product of this type, day in, day out. Go under the radar and show off your brand new look with British Based MMUK MAN - a permanent fixture in the men's cosmetics world of today.