With Britain currently basking in a heatwave, we’re delighted to be able to put together the ultimate men’s makeup routine for summer. We’re extremely confident we can put a skin care and cosmetic routine in place for you to get a very clear, clean and healthy complexion, perfect for those summer parties, nights out on the town and even weddings. We will begin by running you through our complete skin care routine that we’d recommend you follow to achieve your first main male grooming goal. We’ll then outline a perfect men’s cosmetic routine for you to follow to achieve excellent and natural coverage, before finishing with some suggestions in the men’s eye makeup department.

The Complete Skin Care Routine

Start by using a men's face wash daily and a men's face scrub every other day. A face scrub is not needed everyday, as you don't want to strip your skin of natural moisture and oils. I'd recommend MMUK MAN's Face Wash and Face Scrub with the links below.

When it comes to a mask, I wouldn't touch L'Oreal. The ingredients are produced on mass and although they're good for beginners. I'd recommend something a little more specialist used once or twice a week in the evenings. Don't apply a face mask in the morning as dirt and toxins enter the skin throughout your day, if you're going outside. For a face mask, it has to be MMUK MAN's Mineral Mud Mask.

After you've completed your daily face wash or scrub in the shower, all you need to do is cleanse and tone. Cleansing with a cotton wool pad takes out all the remaining dirt from your face and refreshes your pores, whilst skin toner completely closes them, evens your skin tone and leaves your complexion looking fresh all day. Here are the links to our cleanser and toner.

These five products are all you will need for a first class men's grooming routine and they all have amazing reviews. They're the best.

Your New Men’s Cosmetic Routine

When you're ready to apply makeup, it's important that it looks nice and natural, especially in the heat of summer. Therefore, I recommend applying a skin primer (which is like a standard men’s moisturiser), before applying foundation around your face with an application sponge. This will immediately enhance your skin tone and leave your entire face looking fresh, with most blemishes and marks disappearing for the entire day. A skin primer creates a nourishing barrier between your skin and barrier and softens your skin prior to the application of foundation. I’d recommend our Pro Finish foundation, as it offers excellent coverage all day long.

Next, for any lingering blemishes on your face, target them with our men’s concealer stick. if you're unsure of your colour in this product, please send in a photograph of yourself and i'll be able to advise the best colour. The men’s concealer stick is great as it completely hides all facial imperfections and will completely enhance your skin. If you’re a man new to the world of concealer, don’t be daunted, with just a couple of practices you’ll soon learn how to blend it in naturally.

Finally, dust over your face with some anti-shine powder, concentrating mainly on your forehead, nose and cheeks, as these areas tend to release more oil in hot weather. By applying a little anti-shine powder, your face will remain matte and shine free all day, ensuring your whole cosmetic routine looks natural and unnoticeable.

Finish by Enhancing Your Eyes

When it comes to enhancing your eyes, a mascara in clear, brow gel in clear and eyeliner in brown are recommended to do just the trick. Each of these are very easy to master and look very natural because they are clear. They simply enhance what you have and make your eyes come alive! These three products will cap off your routine in serious style. Whilst an eyeliner is brilliant for framing the eyes, mascara is particularly good at lengthening lashes and making your eyes appear more captivating. A brow gel is very good at taming uncontrollable brows and giving them a touch of professionalism and conformity.