Okay, so men's tinted moisturiser’s aren't exactly new to the world of makeup for men, with long standing such as Calvin Klein's Radiance Touch and MYEGO's Fonteint going as far back at 2006. But, as more and more men search for a makeup without makeup look, we have seen the rise in the popularity of this category. Likewise, with all the hype surrounding that typical Essex boy look, we have seen a significant rise in the popularity of men's tanning products.

Introducing Tinted Moisturizer’s, a range of products that bridge the gap between subtle and flawless looking men's makeup and a healthy bronzed finish. Over the years, MMUK MAN have offered over a dozen different specific moisturizers with tan to our male clients and in today's blog, we'll be reviewing the top three that have well and truly stood the test of time.

In at number three is MMUK MAN's BB Tinted Moisturiser, a powerful tinted bronze cream that evens skin tone and quickly banishes blemishes. What this tinted moisturiser lacks in subtlety, it more than makes up in coverage and is a very popular product for men with moderate to severe facial imperfections. Whether you have acne scaring, regular spots or severe skin tone unevenness, sometimes gentlemen, you have to lose a little of your cosmetic's natural look, in favour of uncompromising coverage. This tinted moisturiser can also be used as a body bronzer and gives enough coverage to your skin, without it being cakey or shimmery, like most feminine products. We are particularly proud of how this BB Tinted moisturiser sinks in and leaves the skin extra smooth.

Not quite making top spot is MYEGO's brand new Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer, a product developed off all the success of MYEGO's long standing favourite, whilst adding a more natural finish and botanical ingredients to their formula, making it completely kind to men's skin. As men further fine tune their skin care standards, MYEGO's natural progression into more organic skin care and cosmetics comes as no surprise to us, with this tinted moisturiser set to be a firm favourite for men all over the world going forward. MYEGO's Fonteint can be easily applied and sinks quickly into the skin for a supreme look. Of the top three, this is by some way the most cost effective too.

Now for the master, the show stopper and the outright outrageous! Recipe For Men's Energizing Bronze Cream has won countless applauses from within the male beauty industry and every man who has had the pleasure of using it since its release in 2011. 100% natural with only the finest ingredients and extremely subtle in its wear, this luxury male tinted cream allows you to show off what you've got, without your cover being blown! Blemishes, spots and uneven skin tone can quickly go running for the hills with one smoothing application of this rich cream. Extremely lightweight and providing your skin with a long lasting blast of hydration and health, cheat a tan and leave onlookers admiring with Scandinavian skin care experts Recipe For Men. The blockbuster product from their scintillating range, MMUK MAN are proud to showcase such an extraordinary product, leaving admirers quickly running out of superlatives.