Who are your customers and why do they use make-up?

We have a real mix of customers. The first group are teenage guys suffering with spots and acne and in need of products to cover them. The gay market makes up about 30% of our customer base. The bulk of the remainder are a mix of middle-aged gentlemen wishing to look younger and fresher for work/meetings/job interviews and gentlemen suffering with skin conditions like Rosacea.

How have sales been since you started selling with ASOS last year?

Since August last year, we have grown by about 30% domestically and internationally the figure is closer to 400%. The class of top quality British brands are admired across Europe in particular and other retailers have picked up on this and placed orders to support the growing male makeup trend that is sweeping the world. We have another 7 new retailers across the globe lined up to launch over the next 6 months.

Which are your most popular products?

Our Liquid Foundation, Concealer Stick, Beard Filler, Under Eye Concealer and Anti-Shine Powder - these are our most popular men's makeup items. The items that are most on the rise are our Finishing Powder, Mineral Matte Foundation and BB Cream.

Is make-up becoming more acceptable for men to buy and wear - and more accepted by society?

Makeup for men is definitely becoming more acceptable as the social stigmas towards men taking care of themselves in every aspect of their lives break down. On top of this, the male grooming market is booming and consists of millions of men competing for the best look and to stay one step ahead of the game - those steps take them straight to the world of men's makeup.

What has changed and why is this happening?

Social media has been a massive driving factor. More gentlemen are realizing how much a filter can put their skin in a good light and are taking that off the virtual stage and into their every day lives with the use of cosmetic products, whilst they're out and about. Selfies, the high pressures for men to look their best and TV shows like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea are all driving forces behind men picking up the powder.

How niche is the sector of male make-up currently, and to what degree do you expect this to change in the future?

I wouldn't say it's a niche like it used to be. Big bands have jumped on the bandwagon like Tom Ford, YSL and even Jean Paul Gaultier back in the day. Makeup makes up about 5% of the male grooming market so it's still quite specialist, but as these barriers continue to break down, this % will only grow.

Do you expect to see more brands introducing make-up ranges for men over the coming year or two?

I'd like to think so, the brands that have already released makeup products have helped raise the awareness of male makeup and as a result, we've grown in popularity too. I'd hate for the market to become overcrowded like the men's grooming market, where we see a new brand every week pop up trying to make a quick buck. As long as brands that come onto the scene are doing so to drive acceptance towards men wearing makeup then it can only mean good things. Likewise, more brands mean more competition and its this that brings out the very best in us, which will inevitably improve consumer experiences.

What more do you think the industry/ retailers and brands can do to grow the men's make-up category?

Retailers need to get away from the idea that hiring an A-List male celebrity to promote their beauty products will immediately put their brand on the map. Instead, they need to look at every resource outlet that men are getting inspiration/ideas from and if they do that and support the people providing this resource, the men's makeup market will grow because of that.