Picture a flatpack you’d most probably get from ikea or B & Q and ask any real man to put it together!  The truth is, before the question or idea enters his mind of following the instructions, the damn thing is already half built with the manliest manly male tools hanging and dangling off of it.  For that reason, we’re going to keep today’s men’s makeup blog short, easy and straight to the point - just how men like it.

When talking about our makeup for men kits, you may find yourself naturally drawing a comparison between them and your typical hardware store flatpack, why?  Well, despite  most guys not necessarily knowing how to put the different male cosmetics comprising a kit together, and at what point in his grooming routine certain makeup products for men are most suitable; the great reality of them all is that they will inevitable all stunningly come together to give you a champion complexion.  

Here at Makeup For Men UK, we’ve done all the grafting, the grit and the research.  So  when you buy one of our male makeup kits, you know that all the right bits and pieces are in there for you to be able to complete the job with minimal fuss and bag yourself a great look.

Let’s swiftly take you on a tour of our mens makeup kits and see what it is about each one which makes them as equally appealing as the one before.

Affordability - Men love to bag themselves a bargain, after all, it all adds up.  Our W7 Makeup For Men Kit comprises five great products, including foundation, a highlighter pen, manscara and guyliner for a good overall makeup look, costing just £20.00.

Cover Up - The number one reason men buy makeup is to cover up facial imperfections.  Blemishes, spots, acne and redness, amongst others, can often get that little too much.  It’s here where we welcome you to the world of MMUK MAN and our Ultimate Cover UP Kit.  For 59 Great British Pounds, you can strike the perfect balance between professional cover up and incredible subtlety.  Composed of MMUK MAN’s Liquid Foundation, Bronzer For Men, Skin Primer and Cover Up Stick, these four products wonderfully combine to become the only armory you will ever need when it comes to fending off troublesome skin problems. 

The Eyes - The eyes are the windows to your soul - so we’ve heard!  So when it comes to our MMUK MAN Makeup For Guys Kit, which specializes in all things eye makeup for men, there’s no wonder that more and more modern day gents are attempting to create that lasting impression with subtle cosmetics.  Including MMUK MAN’s Guyliner, Lash Primer and Manscara, with a luxurious Lip Balm for men thrown in for good measure, this makeup for guys kit is the perfect go to guy for all things eyes.  

The Ultimate - Lastly but by no means least is Calvin Klein’s Mega Makeup For Men Kit, retailing at £75.00 and featuring nine of the world’s best mens makeup products.  There is much more to be said about this kit, not to mention the £49 saving compared to if you were to buy each item separately.  Focusing on the skin and eyes, this male makeup kit is split down into two distinct categories.  The first contains a foundation, highlighter pen, bronzer, makeup base and a tinted moisturiser.  The second, showcases a CK’s guyliner, manscara and expert brow pencil, offering a great finish.  For the best makeup for men look at a great price, look no further than the expertise and luxury of Calvin Klein, exclusively at MMUK MAN.

So fellas, next time you’re pondering what mens cosmetics to buy.  Sit back, take a deep breath and call upon the expert power of a mens makeup kit.  Grab a beer, put your feet up and eagerly await Mr Postman to come calling by with your new male grooming greats.